Day 4 – Big Bear to Vegas

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Today was a day of extremes. We started off at the top of Big Bear Lake and it was 48 degrees. Within 20 miles it was warm enough to take off one layer. It got very warm thereafter. We rode through Death Valley on the way to Las Vegas. Chris’ bike developed a small oil leak that needed to be checked so we went to the HD dealer in Henderson.  After about an hour, they thought they fixed the issue and we should be good for rest of the trip. It now was about 4pm so we bee-lined it to the Hoover Dam and it was so jaw dropping large. Truly something to see in person. Now back towards Vegas and stopped at Pawn Stars. So fun since I literally think I’ve watched every episode. It was getting late and we were on the highway headed to hotel when we ran Dan out of gas. So sorry Dan! We booked it to the nearest gas station and turned around and got back to him just as AAA was giving him some gas. We got to hotel late, tired and very hungry. It’s all good now though we are drinking while waiting for food. No good trip doesn’t have lots of good stories.
We did about 290 miles  – I shouldn’t drink and post – lol


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